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Check out what former and current students have to say about Liberty Self Protection.

"My son and I met Dave Flynn about 10 months ago at our karate dojo. He was one of the first people to make us feel welcome and comfortable. He got right to work helping us learn and improve our skills in karate and self defense. Dave has a unique ability to be very approachable and easy going while at the same time the toughest opponent for anyone in class to beat. He's got a great mindset and understanding of true self protection, not just defense, but effective offensive and evasive techniques too. Dave is so much more than a talented and likable guy, he has my respect because his ability on the mat is exceeded only by his integrity and character as a friend and as I've observed, a wonderful dad too. Everyone who meets Dave, age 8 to 80, learns something deeper in karate or self protection in easy to understand, fun and effective ways. Get started, Dave can help you learn and love training self" protection.





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